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The company investment in medical marijuana plc is engaged in investment activities in the agronomic industry for the cultivation of medical marijuana with further sale in specially equipped stores, in countries where this type of activity is not prohibited by law.

Until 2016, only in the United States of America in more than 25 states, a law was introduced on the full and partial legalization of this type of activity.

Our company in mid-2017, was able to cultivate with further implementation of medical marijuana in the USA with a full package of all the necessary documents for this type of activity. In this regard, our company opens an investment direction for all those wishing to receive a consistently high profit through investing in this industry.


Company number: 09122488

Churchill House, 120 Bunns Lane, London,
United Kingdom, NW7 2BA

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Our call center staff and customer service managers are ready to answer any questions from investors around the clock – after all, we work with investors from all over the globe.

Affiliate Program

We provide our investors with an opportunity to not only receive a stable passive income, but also to influence its generation by participating in an affiliate program.

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Our company offers the most favorable investment terms with regard to the income level and risk minimization, guaranteeing really significant profits.

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Each of our investors can count on the ironclad guarantee of his/her personal data security and the invested funds safety – our hardware and algorithms are uncompromising.