1. General rules and resource definitions:

1.1 Any investor who has reached the age of 18, who is a citizen of any country whose legislation does not violate the terms of this agreement, may be an investor of the company INVESTMENT IN MEDICAL MARIJUANA PLC, referred to as the investment site I-MMPLC.COM.
1.2 Funds invested in INVESTMENT IN MEDICAL MARIJUANA PLC must have a legal and reasonable origin. Investments can be own, borrowed or attracted from third parties in order to profit from the company.
1.3 If necessary, INVESTMENT IN MEDICAL MARIJUANA PLC may require documents to verify your identity and verify your registration data. This may be caused by the need to confirm you, as the owner of the account and personal account in our company.
1.4 In accordance with the terms of this Agreement, the Investor invests money using the on-line service located at HTTPS://I-MMPLC.COM to make a profit when carrying out investment and commercial activities of our company.
1.5 INVESTMENT IN MEDICAL MARIJUANA PLC performs the functions of managing the assets of the Investor, in order to obtain profit and preserve the attracted capital.


2.1 An investor can open only one investment account in the company. The number of deposits is determined by the terms of cooperation and may not be limited.
2.2. Activation of the account automatically confirms the consent of the Investor with these terms of the Cooperation Agreement, and the receipt of E-mail alerts from the company.
2.3 The investor has the right to close his account by contacting the support service, and all personal data will be deleted from the company's system without the possibility of data recovery.
2.4 The possibilities of using banking and electronic payment systems are determined with their need for investors and companies, the latter reserves the right to add and remove inappropriate bank and payment systems from the company's website.
2.5 Replenishment of the account in the system is possible only by depositing funds through the service in the account.
2.6 In the absence of access to the site due to possible technical failures in the work of hosting companies serving the company's website, does not affect the calculation of profits and the execution of applications for withdrawal of funds to the Investor.
2.7. Disadvantages associated with the operation of the electronic payment and banking systems used: lack of access, blocking, suspension of work and other technical issues. Inconvenience, the Investor incurs in full volume and is responsible for choosing one or another payment system and possible problems in its work.

3. The order of the company:

3.1 The site of the I-MMPLC.COM service represented by INVESTMENT IN MEDICAL MARIJUANA PLC operates seven days a week. The procedure for working on holidays is published on the site in advance. On weekends, the support service can only partially perform its functions.
3.2 Processing of payments and incoming information is carried out on working days in accordance with the established marketing and work schedule of the company. On weekends and holidays, operations are carried out on a free schedule.
3.3 Processing of payments for withdrawal of funds is carried out instantly in automatic mode 24/7
3.4 The commission for the withdrawal of funds is paid by the recipient in accordance with tariffs and plans of payment systems and the company as a whole.
3.4 The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.03 $.

4. Rules and duties:

4.1 The investor is obliged to:
- Use reliable information about your identity when registering on the company's website.
- To comply with its investment activities, interaction with the company INVESTMENT IN MEDICAL MARIJUANA PLC legislation of the country under whose jurisdiction it falls.
- Do not use the methods of unfair advertising to promote their activities in order to obtain rewards.
- Monitor the execution of transactions from your account. In case of errors, inconsistencies, suspicions of third-party interference or hacking of the account, immediately inform the company's support representatives.
- Timely fulfill the obligations undertaken in accordance with this Agreement during the whole of its operation.


- To pay profits and compensations to the Investor in accordance with this Agreement and the terms of investment plans in force in the company.
- Provide the necessary assistance to the Investor in the execution of this Agreement, in the implementation of investment activities.
- Provide technical and informational support for on-line service I-MMPLC.COM.
- Observe the confidentiality of the transaction between the Investor and INVESTMENT IN MEDICAL MARIJUANA PLC.
- Ensure the safety and security of investment funds transferred by the Investor.
- Fulfill all payments made in accordance with the rules of this agreement.
- Timely inform the Investor of all circumstances that may impede the performance of obligations under this Agreement.

4.3. An investor shall have the right:

- To carry out investment activity together with the company INVESTMENT IN MEDICAL MARIJUANA PLC in order to obtain profit.
- To receive profit from investments and partner compensation in accordance with the terms and rules of the company.
- Obtain necessary technical and information support when working with on-line service from specialists of INVESTMENT IN MEDICAL MARIJUANA PLC.
- Apply to those. Support for the purpose of changing their personal data, if necessary, with appropriate documentary evidence.
- Use advertising and information products to attract partners.
- To conduct explanatory and informational activities among partners and potential investors, without distorting the facts and truthfulness of information about the company.

5. Procedure for amending and terminating the Agreement:

5.1 This agreement may be terminated by mutual consent. At the time of termination of this Agreement, a full mutual settlement of obligations is made, unless otherwise provided by this Agreement and the current legislation.
5.2 The terms of this Agreement may be changed unilaterally at the request of the company. Any changes and additions replace or cancel the previous conditions that were in effect until the changes were made in full or in part, and can not contradict each other.
5.3. The investor accepts all changes and additions to this Agreement, after the relevant notification, if he continues to use the services of the company.

6. Duration of the Agreement:

6.1 This Agreement shall enter into force upon registration of the account and activation of the investor's personal cabinet on the company's website, making investment funds or receiving any payments to its account, or obtaining bonus funds, prizes for promotions.
6.2 The term of this Agreement lasts until all obligations are fulfilled between the Investor and INVESTMENT IN MEDICAL MARIJUANA PLC, or until the withdrawal of its investment funds from the company with the subsequent closure of the Investor's account and personal account.

7. Force Majeure:

7.1 In the event of force majeure (emergency and irreversible) occurring outside of the will and will of the Parties that can not be foreseen or avoided, including declarations or actual war, civil unrest, epidemics, blockades, embargoes, fires, earthquakes, floods and other Natural disasters, as well as the publication of acts of state bodies.
7.2 The company INVESTMENT IN MEDICAL MARIJUANA PLC is not responsible for any damage or loss of data, as a result of force majeure circumstances that are outside the company.

8. Other conditions:

8.1 In case of force majeure circumstances, INVESTMENT IN MEDICAL MARIJUANA PLC guarantees a full or partial return of the invested funds to its Clients within 14 days from the moment of insurmountable circumstances.
8.2 The company INVESTMENT IN MEDICAL MARIJUANA PLC performs its activities under the laws of the jurisdiction of the country of stay.
8.3 The company INVESTMENT IN MEDICAL MARIJUANA PLC, according to the legislation of the international convention, does not distribute marijuana and narcotic substances by means of the online resource I-MMPLC.COM. This service is intended solely for investment activities.